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I'm a complete jeep newbie. I have been looking at a 1969 CJ-5. It's got a chevy 327, a dana 18 tcase, and what the guy says is a t-150 tranny (but i didn't think the t-150 was used that early...), D44 rear, D27 front. It has 31 inch Mickey thompson tires. The body is actually in very good cond. Prices is $3900. Does this sound like a good deal? Any advice is appreciated as i am a newbie!


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Check the frame closely! I cant recall when they stopped/started boxing the frames, but I think you would want this with a 327 in it. Check the frame for cracks around the motor mounts and steering box mount. Also at the leaf pring and shackle mounts. For that price it should be pretty "right" as far a mechanicals go. Not sure when the T-150 "should" have been in there, but the 327 was swapped in so the tranny may have been as well. Good luck, and welcome to Jeepin' ! /wwwthreads_images/icons/cool.gif

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1983 CJ-7 Laredo,It's Orange! Now I just have to put it all back together.
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