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Clinton can't take any credit for the economy. His economic principles are basically the same as Reagan & Bush's. It's just that Reagan & Bush inherited a terrible economic mess from Carter (who incidentally, inherited a "mess in the making" after Nixon resigned). I'm going to massacre the spelling, but anyone remember the terms "Laizze Fair" & "Trickle Down Economics"? Yup, both Reagan policies that you can see in action today. The one thing Clinton has done correctly is to NOT MESS UP the economy by following Reagan & Bush's leads - rather than actually doing something to make it better. And aside from the current attack on our guns & public lands (mainly publicity stunts for the purpose of CYA - stunts that don't even fit the mold of his moderate past), and his well-known character flaws, Clinton has much more moderate policies in mind - more like George Jr. than Gore. Gore is a radical, left-winger & unlike Clinton, he always has been. If ANYONE is going to be "screwing with the economy" it'd be Gore. And one other thing that Clinton has been lucky about has been the cheapest fuel prices (set by OPEC, NOT Clinton) relative to buying power in decades. That too has fueled the economy, since gasoline prices impact the cost of EVERYTHING we buy. Gas prices were awful during MOST of Reagan's 8 years in the White House, yet he managed to get the economy going in the correct direction & today we see the benefits of that. But, either way you go, don't expect to see anything that Bush OR Gore does have a huge impact on the economy WHILE they are in office. The kinds of changes a President can make take years - not months - to take root, be they for the betterment or detriment of the economy.

BTW, I too would like to see the U.S. health care system cleaned up. Do you realize that our government spends more $$$ per capita on healthcare than any other nation in the World? Yet, our healtcare system is in shambles. So, I'm not sure Bradley's idea of "increased government" in this area would really have any benefits. Besides, he was asking to get killed in the election running on what he himself described as a platform based on "the strongest gun-control measures in history".


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