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I'm looking for a quality pre-runner front bumper and a pair of bed suppots for my '95 Tacoma... Anyone know any good sites where they have prices listed? If not, who would you reccomend? Ive looked at protrux, camburg, fabtech, downey,.... I dont live in socal so I have to order everything.

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I got a good prerunner bumper for my 99 Tacoma from Duffco Enterprises at . Their standard prerunner bumper is made of .090" wall by 1.5" O.D. mild steel round tubing, is fully powdercoated, and comes with a 1/4" thick aluminum skid plate and two light tabs. I had them make mine out of .120" wall for a little added strength. It bolts up to the front of the frame. I had a local welder fabricate some stronger mounting brackets and support braces for a more solid mount and am real pleased with it. They're in So Cal. The bumper came to my door in Texas one month later after I placed the order, just as they promised it would.

Another good source is De Mello Offroad. I think their website is, but I'm not exactly sure about that.

As for bed supports, I'm pretty sure either one of them can make you a set.

Hope this helps.
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