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For Sale 1988.5 Samurai $9000--very negotiable

Dana 44s, 5.38s, lock rights, 4-wheel discs, Warn Full Floater kit, knuckle over steering, Toyota power steering, spring over with YJ springs, shackle reverse, goofy leafs, rear anti-wrap traction link, GRS2 tcase, rebuilt tranny, centerforce dual friction clutch, weber carb, hedman header, dynomax race magnum muffler, full cage, 16/35-15 Boggers on 15x10" Beadlocks with 2" of backspacing, fold down windshield kit, Warn HS9500i, prolly much more that I have forgot.

The zuk has about 5000 miles on it since the axle swap, it works excellent offroad, and I have lots of spare parts (axles, housings, etc) to go with it. I possibly have all the stuff needed to convert to fuel injection, also, but I would just have to check. I am located in central Alabama, and I have lots of pics. Just reply if you want me to send them to you.


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i'd sure like to see pics of your rig, i cant afford it by a long shot but would still like to see it

87 samurai convertable
4 inches of lift
225 75 r15
2 inch exhaust catless
removable doors
coming soon:
lowrange cam
on board air


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Doesn't buying a pre-built rig go against everything we stand for...? I mean, I would feel jipped if I didn't get to build up my own rig from stock. :)
Sounds like a sweet machine, tho. I'd love to see some pics of it. Sounds like YOU had all the fun to build it up!

'87 Sami, 5.5" SpOA, 33" Pro-Comps, Snorkel, 8k winch, 23" buggy-leafs, etc, etc.

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Look on thats Ryans rig that he is selling.I'f i had the money i would like to have it.But i don't so i hope some else buys it.

Ryan why you selling your Zuk???

QuadZuki,87 spoa,33"wild countrys
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