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Search the board. In the past 2-3 months, there has been a great deal of conversation about this issue. Both how to design the trailer, what to use to tow it, what to build it with, so on and so forth. CJDave is currently in the process of building a Jeep trailer as well. You need to decide what you will use the trailer for...if it will just be for towing the jeep, a single axle trailer would probably could build it with a drive over hump and have the jeep centered over the axle. If you're going to want to use the trailer for other things, you may want to build a trailer with a flat floor...although that will increase your empty weight and may require 2 axles. Although I built a trailer for supplies to tow behind the jeep, I got a lot of good advice, which I can pass along. Have an axle built with a bolt-spacing that matches your jeep or your tow vehicle (probably whichever is heavier duty). The 5 on 5.5 spacing of your jeep can be used on trailer axles with capacities of up to 5500#'s, according to my local trailer store. Makes keeping spares far more convenient. When you build the trailer, make the axle wide enough (considering wheel backspacing, etc.) that you can see the trailer tires in the mirrors (on both sides) so you will know if you get a flat. If you're buying a custom axle, one of those torsion suspension axles would probably be the ticket...if you're going to use leaf springs, definetly go spring under axle. Since you're building from scratch, you can adjust your wheelbase/etc. to get the tongue weight just right. You probably should weigh your jeep as you will tow it (one axle at a time) so you can figure out how you want it to sit on the trailer, and where you should put the axle and such...figure that you want about 15% of the total trailer weight as your tongue weight. I could keep going, but I think I'm just parroting back what has already been said by search the board--You should find some pretty good answers.

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/wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif If you like, I can mail you some design sketches of what we came up with. FARMJEEP has given you a lot of the parameters already. We were astonished to learn that a CJ weighs close to 4000 pounds with a hardtop and a few tools in the back, and that the axles are very close to 50-50 as to weight. We decided on a tandem axle....using the torflex axles.....hump in the middle...simple "tee" tow frame.....junior channel on edge for runners....axles go thru the junior channel. Our goal was to stay under 1000 lbs trailer weight...half of what a u-haul is(2100+)/wwwthreads_images/icons/crazy.gif

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