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Buy an aftermarket jeep frame, axles, engine, body etc... Has anybody done it? Are there any good 'how-to' books?
Any suggestions on frame manufacturers?

With no VIN from an existing Jeep how does the California DMV registration process work. Can it be registered as pre-74 (73?)
year that is exempt from CA smog laws?

I know, alot of questions. Any input would be appreciated.

Thanks, Andy


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What you suggest would be very expensive. By the time you purcase all the parts your Jeep would cost as much as a new TJ if not more. This thing would bleed you dry. All the major components are going to be expensive, but it's when you start looking at the number of $10,$20, $30, $50... items that you will need that the cost really goes through the roof. As far as registration goes CA would most likely treat this as a "kit car", and assign a VIN # and a date of manufacture corresponding with the current year (ie you finish and register it in 2000, then it's a 2000 model for their purposes).

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here in alabama, a friend tried this with a harley davidson using only aftermarket parts. Because it did not have a vin and none of the parts ever had a vin it was classified as a non vehicle. It look like a harley but since it had no paper work concerning DOT safety like large mfg do it could not be title and ran on the road. Even though are the parts are identical it must go through safety test so are the parts working together proved a safe vehicle. in the end he bought a basketcase 69 and used it title.

On a jeep it be easy to buy a basket case jeep used it title and what ever parts that are good.

Here a kit car is titled as a volkwagon.

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