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The longer you make the upper spring in a 3/4 ellip, the harder it is to keep the axel located. If you used a 3 link setup to locate the axel you could get more creative. The softer the upper spring the more it will flex and droop but then you'll get alot of body roll. I use my cj on the road alot so for the upper leaf i use a stiff leaf with a military wrap leaf(in case one breaks)and still get a total of about 6" more travel(2" up, 4"down)plus the droop and compression of the lower leaf pack.
Using a "buggy spring" you should be a able to achieve more droop and be able to clamp it to the frame when on the road. But I'm a little leery of one soft leaf(buggy leaf) holding the suspension together. If you go this route inspect the spring regularly for fatigue, spring leafs break all the time.

Wayne in Hawaii
"PYRO II" '77CJ5

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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