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bucket / bench seat?

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Does anyone know of a bucket / bench seat that will fit into the front of a 82 CJ5? I want to take the kids
out next year and would feel safer with the little one in the front with me... Thanks for the imput.

82CJ5 Laredo
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What's wrong with you?! You want to put the child in the front seat???? Don't you know that your
government says to put children in the back seat so that when the little rugrats manage to put
something in their mouth and choke to death it won't bother your driving? And you know your
government is always right and is only acts in your best interests. I almost choked on that!

Sorry about your unfortunate incident loosenut but still that's the funniest thing I've seen since Laugh-In
got cancelled. I laughed so hard about you thinking the pumpkin pie was her brains, I had to take my
glasses off and wipe my eyes. Then I got to the windshield wasn't broken until the LTD ran over it. If
you've got any more like this, ramble on.

1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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