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bucket / bench seat?

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Does anyone know of a bucket / bench seat that will fit into the front of a 82 CJ5? I want to take the kids
out next year and would feel safer with the little one in the front with me... Thanks for the imput.

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Our '79 CJ7 had the 60/40 front seat. The passenger side was the "40" and tilted forward just like the bucket seats did. It was nice.

That was the Jeep I rolled on Thanksgiving day 1979. Our 10 month old son was snugly strapped in THE BACK SEAT in his little car seat. Mom was back there with him. She hit her head on the roll bar and was out cold. The pumpkin pie that was in the back of the Jeep was all over everywhere. including my wife's hair (I thought it was her brains). Our Collie went through the windshield, but was hardly hurt. Actually the windshield wasn't broken till the old guy in the LTD went by slowly gawking and ran over it.

I got that Jeep fixed and it had the shiniest paint job I ever saw on a Jeep. It was better than new.

I'm rambling on, aren't I? Funny how you can remember some things like they happened yesterday......

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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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