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Hi guys;
I'm actually a jeeper looking for swap info. What I need to know is what year bronco came with the NP435 and NP205 (left hand drop)?

Why was there an 8 inch adapter between the two? I was under the impression that the tranny output was 28 spline and the xcase input was also 28 spline - is this not so? If so, why would the adapter be necessary?

Also, does anyone know the length of the combo from the front of the tranny (where it bolts to the bellhousing) to the mid point of the yoke at the end of the xcase?




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your best bet for the combe you want is the 76-77 f150. these used a shorter adaptor between the two. yes they are splined the same, when you are talking ford adaptors, the length refers the the plate (if you want to call it that) rather than the shaft. ford was good about not using "spuds" to link the tranny shaft to the tcase input. in either case this is a pretty long setup to be putting in a jeep, but you cant ask for a more rugged setup.


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