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broken transmission shifter

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I have a 78 CJ-5 with a 258 and stock T-18 tranny and Dana 20 'case. This afternoon on my way home the tranny shifter broke? It didn't come out it just started to spin all the way around. It will still go into gear if you can manage to find it with the shifter turning around as you shift. I want to avoid unneeded work if I can, OK OK I'm lazy, but will I need to pull the top cover off the tranny or can you pull the bell shaped piece on top to access the shifter? Is there a pin on the shift lever that keeps it from turning? My manual doesn't have a diagram of the tranny so I don't know what I need to pull to access the shifter. Any help will be appreciated, thanks.

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The bell shaped thing on the very top can be unscrewed...twist it until it comes off completely. When you get it off there should be
a pin on the drivers side of the transmission that is about 3/8 of inch long. It slides through a little hole on the left and engages with
a groove on the shifter. If this is not in place then the shifter will spin around. That should be what the problem is and shouldn't be
to hard to fix it. The pin will probably need to be replaced in order to fix the it.


Thanks for the help, I'll try to fix it tomorrow.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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