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ok, so i put the new 360 in my 73 cj5 and found out the tranny was torched. thought it has a T-15 but i guess someone swapped it for a t-150. got a really nice t-150 (with new throwout bearing) and imediatly the bearing made noise (shop said sometimes new bearings do that??) one tank of gas later...horrible sonds in 1st,3rd, reverse and neutral with the clutch out....REALLY HORRIBLE. 2nd works fine?????? what could cause that. should i try to fix it or go to something totally different (money, unfortunately, is a factor) i understand that jeeps of various years have had TF727/999's and special jeep only th400's. wont those be too long, how much should i pay for one. most of my wheeling is in the sand or trails. i know i will need new driveshafts, tranny cooler and probably a new crossmember and a shifter....any thing else im overlooking. please help.


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First, I would try and get my money back. Even junk yards offer some type of warranty. Second, are you sure that you have oil in the transmission?

There are advantages to going with an Auto....a lot depends on what gears you have. With an Auto, the torque converter allows you to run a lower ratio, i.e., 3.73 vs. 4.11. You might want to look into GM 700 tranny. Advance Adapters makes an adapter for it and I belive its the right length. There is a data base (sorry, I can't remember where) that tells what year jeeps had which tranny (both auto and manual). But to be honest, if funds are tight (i know that feeling)...then you will most likely come out cheaper sticking whith what you have either rebuilding it or replacing it with a similar unit.

John......southern CA
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I don't know about the other autos, but I think a th400 or th350 is gonna be too long in your CJ5, especially if you have much lift. I have a th400 in my CJ7 with a 4 inch lift. The 400 is pretty long compared to a t-150 (just guessing I bet its twice as long). My rear shaft is gettin' pretty short and the angle ant the t-case ain't too hot either. IMHO I think you'd be pushing it to squeeze one in your CJ5. I'd go raise h*ll with the shop if they sold you the t-150 as rebuilt. My bro-in-law runs a 360 with a t-150 and it works allright, it just doesn't have much of a crawl ratio. Sorry, I dont know what might be a good swap manual tranny-wise, maybe a t-176??, but I dont know if it would bolt up to your t-case.


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I have to agree, a th400 in a (short style ??) CJ5 is hard to do...

BUT i have seen it done.....

1. Move the rad to the tailgate, mount it to the tailgate, drill *lots* of 2" holes in the tailgate. Use a couple of electrical fans (you will *love* listening to the whining.....<smile>)

2. Mount the engine as far forward as possible (you can now remove the big mechanical fan, but install a small electrical, to get some circulation under the hood, lot's of 2" holes in the hood helps as well...)

etc., etc.....

I had a T-176 in my '86 CJ7 before the Chevy 305 / th400 / D300.
IDK how strong it is, but AA lists it as "not great, but ok"...
The input bearing started to fail after about 30 000 miles, in 100 000 miles it never failed completly (but i didnt tried it behind the 305...)

PerJ (From Norway)

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