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break booster fit?

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One of the future projects I may undertake will be a front disc conversion. I have read that when you do the conversion it's a good idea to get a new master cylinder that was used for disk front/drum rear applications. I have a used Master cylinder and break booster combo on an old 1983 Chevy S-10 I am not using any more.
I've never worked on or around this part of the break system. What kind of things should I look for to see if the S-10 set up will work well in the Jeepster? Is there a certain size mount that works best? Are master cylinders activated by a plunger or rod in the rear behind the fire wall? I could use any info on how these things work.
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yes give me a email as i get stock boosters around and i got a few good ideas for conversion ones also do all the disc. up grades also

here is the web address if you want to take a look

thanks ryan
there are a few other boosters that will work some of the early mustang ones and acourse the cj5,cj7 style and i been wanting to check a corvette one also as they are real small .the coolest one is to get a stock one from a 71-73 as they will bolt right on and if your doing disc. you can use a stock 1977 cj5 master for a disk w/power booster and it will bolt right on with only a slight amount of mods to the removable push rod .i'm not running any porportioning valve either and mine works great with four wheel disc so i think it depends on what caliper combination as if you need a combo or not.

1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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