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Brass Terminals/Distributor Cap

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Just thought I would pass this along.....

I had recently replaced my dist. cap with one that had aluminum terminals (brass one wasn't available) with Bor Warner c605. If memory serves me correctly, that # used to be the "Select" cap that had brass terminals. It was shorly after I installed the cap that I started to get ignition noise in my stereo. PEP Boys no longer carries the Select cap, so I went to Napa and got #ECH EP685 that had brass terminals. Replaced the cap again Viola! No noise.....
My point is that the above Napa # is one for the dist. cap with brass terminals......
Hope this is of some help........
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You mean this one Sarge?

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so I went to Napa and got #ECH EP685 that had brass terminals.

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Oh heck..
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the number for the Napa brass ROTOR

[/ QUOTE ] you wanted the rotor...

Outlaw >

I need to read the fine print....

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OK, I found a Napa/echlin rotor P/N, but I don't know if its brass... EP324

Borg Warner cap and Rotor #s with brass are C605 and D571 respectivly
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