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brake questions

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hi there

just wondering what others have done to beef up their brakes to better stop the big tires. rear discs...what else has been done?

also...i thought i read something about having to "center" the proportioning valve when bleeding. how exactly is that done (i ran new brake lines).

by the's an 82/85 CJ7

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Rear disc is great.... not sure it's good with big tires.

Should help.

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i read something about having to "center" the proportioning valve when bleeding.

[/ QUOTE ]

Sounds like a "Tech Tip"

Somewhere (sorry that I can't find it) I saw a tool exactly for that. It was a small thing that clipped onto the proportioning valve while bleeding. Looked like it depressed a button (detent) on the side.

But then again I have never had one of those and don't think that it's very hard to bleed brakes if you just consider where the air is trapped.

Good Luck
Here is an article on the subject, pointed out in a previous thread by CJ7Taz
look here

Here are a couple of threads about brakes/bleeding.

Rear discs not working!

Proportioning valve

Brake bleeding question. No brake pedal at all!

The BBS Search will give you lots more.

Good Luck
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I just realized that there are two other posters on this thread. I was thinking it was the same person replying to himself.

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That's OK, I often talk to myself seems to be the only way to get the answers I want.

I'm the one with CJ on the end.
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