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I've got an '88 250R which I just replaced the front brake dust seals on. now when I grab the brake lever, I can't get the wheels to lock up at all. I slow down, but I've lost a substantial amount of braking power. One person said that the new dust seals are draggin the pistons, and another said it was the main brake seals, since I didn't rplace them also. Got any ideas?


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at any time did you unhook the brake line from the
caliper or the resivoir when replacing the seals? if
you did then you could posibly have a air bubble in
your line. if you did, bleed the brakes again but not
from the bleeder bolts on the caliper but from the
banjo bolt on the resivoir. pump the lever and hold
it and quickly release and tighten the banjo bolt do
this a couple of times to be sure all the air is out.
the same thing happened to a friends 86 r he thought
he did something wrong when doing the seals but there
was just air traped in the line, sometimes it is
difficult to get it all out. good luck


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Yeah, I had both the front calipers removed and disassembled. I bled them a lot and am quite sure there's no air. Are you talking about bleeding them up near the master cylinder? I'll give it a try when I can (busy with school). If it's not air in the line, have any other ideas? My dad said he ran into the same problem when he replaced the dust seals on his Datsun 240Z, and he ended up using the originals. It was as if the dust seals were draggin ghte pistons back.
Thanks, I'll let you know how it turns out.

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now that your sure there is no air in the line. I spoke
with my friend with the R about the seals he also
said that sometimes the cylinder in the caliper get
pitted over the years and don't allow smooth
action,the piston seals get hung up in the walls of
the cylinder leaving you with sticky brakes that dont
work. what you need to do if thats the case is to
hone the cylinders. just go down to your auto parts
store and by a small brake hone with "fine" pads take
apart the calipers again and hone them out. its
simple to do. the last thing is to compare the seals
one time he got a seal kit with the right part #'s
but one seal was not cut right one was bigger then
the other and hung the brakes up. these were oem
replacement.its probibly not this but make sure
yours are good. now if all the airs out of the line
and they still dont work then take them apart again
and hone the cylinders replace the seals bleed them
again from the banjo bolt on the resivoir and give it
a try, hope this helps you out.

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