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Brake Problem need help!

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Hey guys, I've been having this problem off and on. When I'm out wheelin just crawling around I lose my brakes on inclines. They just sink right to the floor boards. A couple pumps and they are back to normal. On the highway and city they work fine, I've blead the lines a ton of times and the M/C as well with the 2 tubes going back into the resivior. Any Ideas?
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Hmmm ..did I miss something in the post ??? I didn't see any indication that there was any loss of fluid. If he's losing pedal ...and has no braking at all ...and no fluid loss ...wouldn't one assume that the MC MUST be the culprit????

Now the angle thingie ....enough extreme angle to have the resevour expose the port to the bore in the MC
(obscure, reaching for ???)
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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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