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brake locks

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ok guys need some help need to find a inline hydrolic brake lock for my 77 cj7 who carries them anybody have any ideas i am fresh out... they way it works is you press your brakes and flip a switch and the brakes stay in.. meaning the pressure does not realase any ideas.. email is [email protected] or respond ...
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I think it is called a Hydo-lock, a friend of mine has one on his and it works great. I am going to put one on my new rig when I get to that stage of it.
I can talk with him tonight and see where he got his hardware for it.


thanks man i would appricate it i ripped all the old parkign brake stuff off never worked right in need of this because when you put the boat in the water do not want the jeep to take a bath at the same time.. if you know what i mean

J.C. Whitney sells something like that, though I suspect it'd only lock the fronts OR rears, not both, since they're independent.

I took a different approach, I got four industrial solenoid (electric) valves, one for each wheel, and wired it so that I could apply the brake (by pushing the pedal) to any one wheel to control wheelspin (sort of a poor man's locker), and also another switch to lock all, even after the brake pedal is released.


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Try summit racing or some other racing place. You want a hydraulic brake line lock. Drag racers use them all the time.



Summit Racing lists several models in their catalog.

One word of caution about hydraulic line locks, they are not for long term braking. For example, if the hydraulic fluid in the locked line cools by a few degrees, the braking force applied to the drum/rotor will decrease drastically.

Tim Kirby

I got mine from a speed shop in town. There are several in our town and a lot of bubba racers in the south who use them. I believe I spent $40.

I got one on my jeep...Go to Wal-Mart and get a VW dune buggy magizine and look in there they are about 35.00.

Dana, I'd be interested in seeing a write up on your "poor-mans locker" idea... I don't even know what those solenoids are??? /wwwthreads_images/icons/crazy.gif

Another Jeepgeek!
Jon YJ94
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I've heard Dana talking about his poor man's locker before and have got to admit, it's a pretty cool idea! If I find some cheap solenoids I'm going to do it!

/wwwthreads_images/icons/cool.gif Big Ed
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They are called Mico locks. Often mispronounced "micro" lock. To have a look, go to
Jon and Ed,

More info is in the other post at The solenoid valves are just electric valves, 12VDC of course, rated at 850psi, and cost about $30 each from Snaptite. Don't have part numbers handy but email me if you're interested and I'll look it up.


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