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Is there such a thing? And where would I go about looking for one? I have tried a hardware store and a couple autoparts stores to no avail. I had to cut my brake line to get a rusted wheel cylinder out. How about just a normal compression fitting for steel tubing? Will that hold up to the hydrolic pressure of the brake lines?

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Compression fittings are unacceptable.

Do you mean a flare tool? For brake lines you need a double flare. The tube flares out to its maximum diameter, then is folded back on itself to the inside. The double thickness of steel is needed for strength. A decent parts house should have one, but a good one will be pretty expensive; I think in the area of $100.

Your best bet would be to buy tubing bender and a new piece of tubing with the ends flared already. A tubing bender will be in the $20 range. Depending on how the tube needs to be bent, you might not even need one.
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