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I have the replacement pistons/boots for my '80 CJ7 brake calipers, but in reading the Chilton's and Hayes' manuals noticed that they mention a specific tool to seat the piston. Is this absolutely necessary? Any tips for doing it myself? Thanks.


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teh tool just makes it impossible to get it "cocked" in the bore most likely..

use lots of brake fluid for lube, make it clean enough lick...and push it straight in with a hammer handle, or wooden dowel..

Im suprised it wasnt cheaper to buy a reman caliper though...

last time I priced Fullsized brake calipers they were $19.99

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If your brake caliper is like my '88 YJ, I think the tool is to seat the rubber dust shield that goes on the top of the caliper once the piston is inserted. When I replaced the pistons in mine, the dust shield was very hard to install. I wound up reusing the old ones.


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