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'bout friggin time!

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\'bout friggin time!

Well, we finally had a nice day here, and I was able to pull my tranny (again), install the new clutch (centerforce dual friction), throwout bearing and pilot bearing.

This time it went back together smoothly. Almost a little to easy. It's so much easier to work when it's not 25 degrees outside!

After a quick clutch adjustment, and I was able to take a quick ride around the back yard after almost 5 months of sitting. Hopefully tomorrow's weather will cooperate and I can put the final touches on everything.

I guess it's time to change my signature?
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Re: \'bout friggin time!

Now that your Zuk is done want to come and swap my axles in ? Lol I have to get home and get my zuk done . Congrats , look forward to seeing you at Zuwharrie .
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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