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Body mounts

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I want to install Daystar's 1" body mount lift. I have 85 cj7, but some of the current mounts don't exist anymore, specificaly the front end. Does this kit come with instructions and diagrams at all? I saw that someone mentioned they used the kit. How was it?

also, what do I do if areas around the mounts are rusted through?

This is the first of many questions to come I'm sure. I just found this excelent site.


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The Daystar kit replaces all mounts with ones that are 1" longer, If you have rust on your tub at the mounts I would try and get them fixed before putting on the new poly-bushings. they flex less than OEM rubber, so this could cause problems if you dont get rid of the rust.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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