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The good news: I'm at the point to begin taking off the tub.

The bad news: All the damn bolts are spinning! Are there nuts inside there?? Don't care at all to cut 'em off but when I get to the 2 next to the gas tank, I get kinda nervous about the sparks. (I don't wanna drop the gas tank yet).

Any tips???????????????



If you can come from the top.. If not.. put some wet towels over the gas tank it shouldn't be that big of a deal.. The nuts in all my mounts broke.. its a freaking pain in the ass........................

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Seen it, been there and cursed my way out.
check this link out for some helpfull tips. I just wish I had seen it before cutting 4 bolts off./wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif

Sounds like the rear valance is rusted out, if you can you can stick a flathead screwdriver in there to brace the plate that the bolt goes into you should be able to get it off without to much damage.

Good luck

Damn the Mud!! Full speed ahead!!!
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