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Body lift question

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i was thinking about putting on a 1 inch or maybe at most a 2 inch boyd lift, other than changing and putting on the new spacers, do i need to change anything else, like break lines or stuff for the clutch, or any hoses?, well u get the idea, just what ALL have to be done, it seems like its pretty easy but i wasn't sure about how much "other" stuff u have to change along with the spacers.

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Your tranny shifter and t-case shifter will go down into the floor 1 or 2" depending on what size lift you run. Just check to make sure you can still shift into all gears and go into 4l and 4hi. Look for any hoses, wires, brake lines, etc., that will need to be unbolted from the frame to allow for the extra lift. Usually just unbolting that stuff will allow you plenty of play. The radiator fan shroud usually has to be cut. This is easy though. Sometimes the hose to the fuel filler neck has to be lengthened. It all depends on how high you go. With 1" it is pretty simple. 2" more stuff required. 3" a lot more required. (raising bumpers to make it look right, etc.)

Without knowing what you're objectives are, I suggest going with no more than a 1" body lift. You should reposition the fan shroud by unbolting it and drilling new holes 1" higher that the existing holes (so that it mounts 1" lower to align with the fan). It is awkward yet possible to position the drill to drill the holes without removing the shroud from the engine compartment.

You should also loosen and retighten the clamp on the steering shaft (approximately below the master cylinder). This will allow the two pieces to reposition and relieve the stress caused by the body lift. That's about all you should have to do to add a 1" body lift to a YJ.

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