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The following was sent out by the ASA:

The recently formed ASA Public Safety Education Committee, chaired by Bob Mason, sought and received endorsement of the Checkered Flag Program by the Bureau of Land Management. The Public Safety Education Program being developed by Bob and his committee will be launched at the begining of the next riding season. Although our continued legal efforts are of paramount importance and priority, public safety and law enforcement is an important issue in which the ASA has a significant role at the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area. The Checkered Flag Program serves as an excellent starting point for the safety education program. On April 30 Bob and I presented Mr. Thomsen with packages of checkered flags as a token of our appreciation for their support.

Fly it, dune by it !

Keith Rosewitz
Vice President
American Sand Association
For immediate release:

Tuesday May 8, 2001
BLM endorses the checkered flag program

ASA is pleased that BLM has endorsed the Checkered Flag Program. Greg Thomsen, BLM's El Centro Field Office Manager has informed ASA that he will lend his support to the Checkered Flag Program and looks forward to working with ASA members in developing public education programs.

ASA plans to embark on a Public Safety Education Program in October 2001. The Checkered Flag Pledge, the BLM ISDRA Rules and the California OHV Laws will be the foundation for the ASA safety program. BLM's endorsement of the checkered flag adds significant support to the safety program. Larry Caffey of BLM will coordinate BLM's support.

The complete text of Mr. Thomsen's 4/23/01 letter follows:

Dear Keith:

I am in receipt of your letter dated April 16, 2001. By way of this letter, you are requesting the BLM's endorsement of the Checkered Flag Program. I believe this program to be very beneficial. It not only makes duners more conscious of their own responsibilities while recreating on public lands but is also illustrates the management of the public lands is a joint venture between BLM and the public.

I gladly lend my support of the Checkered Flag Program and look forward to working with you and other American Sand Association members in developing public education programs as it relates to public lands.

/s/ Greg Thomsen
Field Office Manager

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