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1. I'm assuming two things:
a. You're wanting help on the YJ, not the Bronco.
b. The radio is aftermarket?
2. I'd suspect the radio is wired into the same circuit that feeds the FUSE to the turn signals (TS).
3. When the TS fuse blows, for that instant the power in that circuit is drawn down to almost nothing... like a short... hence the fuse blowing.
4. The Radio's power is also drawn down... and dies.
5. When the fuse blows the power is restored to the circuit.
6. The radio comes back on.

Question? Does the radio loose it's presets, etc or does it just power down and power back up? Does the Radio's display panel pulse when the TS is on?

Question? What have you done to cure the fuse blowing problem?

Question? Does the fuse blow when the Radio is OFF and the TS is ON?

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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