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i keep on blowing my turn signal fuse for some reason - no matter if i'm using them or not... what happens is when the fuse blows, my radios turns off, then back on.. does this mean it has something to do with the radio? just wondering if this has happened to anyone else.. thanks
btw: 89 YJ 4cyl


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1. I'm assuming two things:
a. You're wanting help on the YJ, not the Bronco.
b. The radio is aftermarket?
2. I'd suspect the radio is wired into the same circuit that feeds the FUSE to the turn signals (TS).
3. When the TS fuse blows, for that instant the power in that circuit is drawn down to almost nothing... like a short... hence the fuse blowing.
4. The Radio's power is also drawn down... and dies.
5. When the fuse blows the power is restored to the circuit.
6. The radio comes back on.

Question? Does the radio loose it's presets, etc or does it just power down and power back up? Does the Radio's display panel pulse when the TS is on?

Question? What have you done to cure the fuse blowing problem?

Question? Does the fuse blow when the Radio is OFF and the TS is ON?


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Yes, the YJ. No, the radio is stock.
Q1: The radio does NOT lose it's presets; it simply powers back on; the display does NOT pulse when the signal is on.
Q2: I've done nothing to cure the fuse blowing.. i simply haven't replaced the fuse.. the radio still works fine when the TS fuse is blown
Q3:I'm not sure.. i think it still does blow when the radio is off..


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One theory would be that you have a hot wire shorting to ground, close enough to the radio ground that it disrupts the radio, until the fuse blows and the radio starts working again. The turn signal fuse also feeds the backup lamps. The two hot wires from the fuse are 18YL/BK, one goes to the back up lamp switch, another goes to the flasher on the fuse panel (do flashers short?), then 18GY to the steering column connector, then 18VT up to the turn signal switch.

That should get you started, but it will be hard to trouble shoot without schematics. The factory service manual has the best, but Chilton's Wrangler/YJ manual has some and it's cheaper, I just don't know how good they are..

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