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Is there a brand that makes black windshield hinges for a YJ? I don't want Steelhorse for obvious reasons and I'm not into shiny chrome or stainless but I need a quality replacement. Any ideas or do I have to go with stainless for quality? Thanks.


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Cost me $10 for a set of OEM hinges from a wrecker. Cost me $0 for black spray paint because I already had it. Took about 3 hours from having 1 blue and 1 red hinge, to having a nice set of gloss black hinges. That time is basicly sanding and watching paint dry. I pitty you for having to remove the old ones though. Not something I EVER want to do again.

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Are yours frozen?
Mine were, I took them off the jeep, put them in a vise and heated the heck out of 'em with a torch, they freed up pretty quickly. I oiled them up and reinstalled. I plan to take them back off and sandblasted them clean and re paint. They are just not a lot of fun lining up the holes to put them back on so I an putting that one off for a while....


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