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I have an '86 CJ-7 that grinds and resists turning the steering wheel to full lock when the 4 wheel drive is engaged. I don't have a locker in the front or rear. On pavement the jeep's tires chirp and it lunges back and forth when making a sharp turn. I don't know if this is normal and if not what I can do to fix it. I always thought that sense there are no lockers the jeep has an open differential making this hopping/chirping/lunging impossible.. any suggestions would be great..

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First rule of four-wheel drive. DO NOT engage 4WD on dry pavement unless you have a full-time system. When you put it in 4wd the front and rear driveshafts are turning the same number of revolutions. When you make a turn, the front and rear tires are not turning the same number of revolutions. Because everything is tied together mechanically something has to give to keep those driveshafts in synch. The difference in rotation is causing the binding, chirping, etc.. Your differentials may be open, but there is no differential action at the transfer case to allow for differences between front and rear. If you're lucky, traction is lost momentarily at the tires and the slip, spin, or whatever to ease the binding. If you're not lucky, something gives inside the transfer case and you get a big, fat repair bill. Leave your vehicle out of 4WD unless you are on dirt, snow, mud, or something which will allow some "give".

BTW: MagooXL, that IS normal for the dry pavement, if you did not get that from Snowtow's advice.

Run it when it rains, it is good for it anyhow to keep 'stuff lubed.

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