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With the available HP you have you probably wont notice a lack of power to the wheels, especialy in low range. 3.73 gears arent that bad for off road,but the problem you can run into as you go to larger tires,is the strain that is put on the rest of your drive train. One problem experienced by the YJ crowd, is the 3.07 gears that come stock with 4.0 HO motors. Although that motor has more than enough power to turn even 35" wheels with those gears, the failure rate at the rear pinion yoke and the rear axles is very high,(especialy when lunch box lockers are thrown into the mix). A lot of build ups dont consider the ratio change that important because it seems to work,untill the breakdowns start to happen every time out(the YJ D35 rear axle is also very weak which doesnt make for a good combo). In short your set up should perform fine, but would be optimized by 4.56 gears in the future.
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