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I hope you set the axles up for CV shafts. I am running the SM465 and NP205 in my Scrambler with 4" superlift (SUA) and 1" shackle, rear driveshaft is 33" long. Remove 10" and you're at 23" driveshaft, then add the SOA and you're getting up there in angles. When I changed the axles (D44's), I didn't go with the CV driveshaft, and it isn't a problem now, but I want to make a set of revolver shackles and add teflon pads to the springs, so I think I'm going to have to redo it. Sounds like an awesome setup, can't wait to see it when it's done. Take pictures as you go to keep us informed of the progress. I have a CJ-3A I want to put on a Scout II frame and do pretty much the same you are, but that's a few years away. Just curious, are the axles 35 spline? Where did you get them? I haven't started looking yet, but it's nice to have the info. Thanks.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Check your adapter between the SM465 and NP205 for cracks. I bought a setup from a 1-ton Chevy and found the adapter cracked. Since it was a very popular setup, I figured I'd find one easy, not so. The dealership gets $220 for them (paid $250 for the setup w/bellhousing), and every one I could find around here had the same hairline crack across the top. I finally had a guy track one down in PA for $95, but it set me back a month. There is a lot of stress on the adapter so they tend to crack when abused, just thought you might want to strengthen it somehow. Chevy used to make bars that connected the two, it put some of the stress on the housings and off the adapter, but the dealership tells me it hasn't been produced since 1985.

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