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I got almost all of my "ingrediants" together today. I am just about ready to start building my "new" jeep. CJ-7 frame/'88 tub/waggy axles-HD20 & D44. I am planning on transplanting my 304 and D-18 from my CJ-5 (??)need a tranny?? Just thought i would mention this: if any of you are near OKC I have a sweet Jeep yard here. I traded a CJ-5 frame for the 7, gave $400 for the flawless (really-not a ding) tub, and $200 for BOTH axles-complete brake to brake in great shape!!!!!!!!!!!!! He even threw in U bolts and plates. I just wish it would all go together that easy.

77 cj5 sorta, V8, 4"lift, 33's, lotsa miss'n metal
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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