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after removing the factory airbox and flat panel filter i bolted a big honkin air filter to inlet tube. the big filter is NAPA 2790 the filter is used on the bigger cummin motors and lots of equipment loaders graders dozers, big generators. its meant to be used in dirty enviroments. it works great on pickups.

the turbo is boosting sooner and harder. my fuel mileage went up 2 mpg, im averageing 15.5 mpg drivn around town. i was 13.5 thats a pretty good improvment.

havent towed anything since the filter mod so i cant say how much better it is at freeway speeds, but i soon will, i tow a 12000 pound trailer almost daily when were busy. and on acasion the backhoe thats 25k and gross trailer truck weight of 33k.

i get looks drivn around town cause its whistles just off idle and even whistle decelerating. at 2k rpm its whistle loud, like its gona suck you through the glove box.

the BHAF axle works on some chevys and fords.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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