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Best Limited Slip Diff for Mild Off Road?

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A friend wants me to put a posi in his 99 Wrangler. He will be doing mild off road and doesnt want
any clunking or tire chirping on the road. Interested in recommendations on the best limited slip posi
install in his open rear diff. Also interested in knowing what rear end these Jeeps have. Any info on the
posi install would also be appreciated. I put a True Track in my Toyota and am real happy with it.

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I would go with a True Trac, it's gear driven instead of using clutch packs so it won't wear out. The rear will either be a Dana 35c of a Dana 44.
There is a factory Trac Loc in for the Dana 44, I don't know if it was an option since every 44 I see has it. I don't think it was offered for the 35 anymore.

95.5 YJ with "stuff"
The Dana 44 option in the TJs includes a Trac-Lok limited slip. My '98 TJ has a Trac-Lok in the D35c as a factory option (really wish I had the D44 too). The Trac-Lok uses a different carrier than the open differential. Your friend might be able to pick up a used Trac-Lok cheap from someone who has upgraded.

My Trac-Lok is holding up well at 30k miles, has always seemed more aggressive than I expected of a limited slip (I've lived with a No-Spin in a '59 F250). It does well off-road, and the only time that it's apparent on-road is if I'm applying too much power while turning. I know that someday the clutches will wear out. I haven't decided yet whether I will then replace the clutches, replace the diff with a LockRight or TrueTrac, or just go to a D44 and LockRight or TrueTrac. The behavior of the Jeep on slick pavement is more important to me than behavior off-road. I can always winch out if I have trouble off-road. Problems on-road in traffic generally result in severe damage (especially when the roads are ice-covered).

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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