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i got a 96' blazer 4X4 4.3L and wondering what the best route would be to go for an new exhaust system. Is it hard to put together yourself if you buy the bende and hardware or should i buy a cat-back or go to a shop.and also anyone got anything to say about the Supertrap mufflers. from what I'v read performance is good
but i dont want a

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I'm not sure what others would tell you, but I've redone my exhaust system 5 times now trying to get the perfect flow and performance, dynoed them each time with air flow tests and the best result is how I have it now which is edelbrock headers and at the end of the collector Y pipe I have 10 inchs of 2 1/2 pipe then a Flowmaster 40 Delta series with a turn down pipe (45 degrees) the Muffler is right before the tranny cross-member and the turn down pipe throws my exhaust down at the ground right after that cross-member. I tried cat back, i tried dual pipes, then with a cross over pipe and a performance cat, it was all too sluggish, loud but sluggish. And i've havent had a problem with mud gettin up in the exhaust how it is now, and the sound it puts off is somethin else sounds like a big block V8 with a large cam. This setup compliments torque as well as horsepower, not to mention the hypnotizing sound.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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