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Bent spindle

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I bent my driver side spindle (old king pin style). It sucks these things are hollow! What is the "trick fix" for these other than a $400 set of aftermarket ones? Also I was wondering where to get another used one? All the places in San Diego are out of them.

I was also thinking of making home-made A-arms and using a different spindle altogether.
Maybe a Ford Mustang II style popular in racing. Any thoughts or experience???

Thanks, Corey

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I too bent the link pin spindle. but as you suggeted, I have DBL a-arms and was able to adjust it out, I would like to get the lifted spindles, but wow, they sure do think there made of gold!!! Try the OTVW spindle, just choose one that does not required to be pressed in, but bolt in.

Good luck, Nathan

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