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bent frame

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The frame on my '74 CJ-5 is bent. The frame drivers side rail is bowed. I was wanting some advise from someone who has had one fixed. When you take it to the place, how do they want it? Right now mine is completely stripped. Also, any idea how much it costs to fix? Would it be easier to try to find a good one, this one does not have any rust holes, or cracks.

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I drove mine there. Think it was $200. They chained it down and straightened it with hydraulics. I have heard there is a better way if you have it stripped down. They run the frame through a machine or something.

Can you fix it?
I got a welder and a grinder. Heck yeah I can fix it./wwwthreads_images/icons/cool.gif
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I just got mine back from the frame shop. My Jeep was twisted, left rear lower than the right and the right front
was lower. they charged me $250 and did a good job. Just make sure they garantee thier work and use lasers
to line things up. Good luck

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