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I'm bying a new Jeep 2001 TJ Sport 4.0 L, In-Line 6. and I live in Quebec, Canada

When you buy a new Jeep they ask you if you want the rust proofing (300$), this other "super thick" rust proofing (300$), the "scoth-gard" stuff for the seats and rugs (200$) and the paint protecter (200$).

It's suppose to be a one shot deal.... If it's screwed up you bring it back and they redo it for free.

My question is... is all that stuff really important or should I just get it done somewhere else than at the dealership?

This is my first Jeep, my first car so I just wanna make I'm not getting screwed here!

thx a million


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All the "Rustproofing" does when it dries out is seperate from the body and hold moisture against the sheet metal (rustPROOFING?). $200 is way too much for the Scotchguard too, buy a can of it yourself at a camping supply store or Wal-Mart (do you have those up der hey?) and spray it on your seats for about $6 !
I'd pass on both at the dealer.

Mike H.
1983 CJ-7 Laredo, Almost ready for paint.

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Thanks alot guys.... I'm climbing the god damn walls here... I'm suppose to get it sometime this week!!! Woo-Hoo... I've been saving up for about 2 years and ordered it a month ago!... any minute now!!!!

again... thx


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Rust proofing is a hugh rip off I used to work at a Lincoln Mercury dealer putting on the rust proofing and was instructed to only put it where the customer could see it.Besides the fact that it seperates from the body and holds moisture in there between the rust proofing and the metal.

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