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I think this will be an unusal question. Can any one tell me if the bellhousing from a 1.6 engine will bolt to a 1.3 engine. I have a 99 model 1.3 metro engine I am using for my ultralight plane. To mount the propeller drive I need a bellhousing like the tracker has. the metro frt wheel drive housing cant be used for obvious reason, it dos'nt unbolt from the tranny. Can anyone help with this information?


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no it will not the to lower bolts a wider for the 1.6 but I think you could use an plate that is used to put the 1.6 up to the 1.3 trany just bolt the plate to the motor then the trany to the plate


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That IS a different question!

Looks like you'll need to make an adapter for this job... A starting point would be the manufacturer of the propellor reduction unit. Se what they say about the proper material (aluminum, steel) and it's thickness. Then cut (or have cut) an adapter out of it.

I heard of a couple of guys from South America who flew some sort of homebuilt (an EZ variant?) that sported two 1.3 liter Suzuki engines mounted inline. They sucessfully flew from Venesuala to Florida nonstop in it. They even avoided getting shot down by the Revenooers, too!


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