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Before I start, yes I will eventually upgrade to PS on my daily driver; never on the restoration project and yes I've searched through the previous posts. I've already started collecting the parts for the conversion; but the wander around the road routine is getting a little tired. And sorry to say, since all I do is work on my own vehicles, I don't have a strong relationship with the parts stores, as a result I like to go in with as much information as possible. I get much better results when I tell the parts guys something like "I need the distributor cap for a '75 Buick Apollo with a 231 V6" (or better yet "Standard DR-447") than to tell them "I need a distributor cap for an odd-fire Buick V6 with HEI." So . . . .

Does anyone have a part number for a bell crank kit or know which model, make & year of other vehicle uses the same kit? I would assume that it would be the same as the same year CJ; but I'd prefer to limit the number of trips to the parts store.



67 Jeepster Convertable (to restore)
68 Jeepster Convertable (for fun)
225 / Turbo 400 - both
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