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BDS (Big Dick) Suspension Questions

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Hey Guys,

I am looking into getting a set of BDS (Big Dick) Springs for my CJ-7 (YJ Springs). I was wondering if anyone is running a BDS suspension setup and what you think of it? The price, full military wrap, and bulletproof warranty is mighty appealing. I am wondering how they ride on the road as well as off? Are they stiff or soft?? How do they flex? and How durable they are. Anyone have any comments on BDS at all?? Please let me know.


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Heck, I'd like to know too, as installing YJ lift springs is my next project after I'm finished with the engine mods.

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There were a few guys running BDS kits on their YJ's in my club. They have taken them off. They too were enticed by the military wrap and good warranty. The springs are too stiff and do not articulate. The ride is bone jarring and VERY uncomfortable. A stock YJ will ramp better than a BDS equiped YJ. One of the guys in my club is the BDS rep for our area and his YJ would almost lift a tire going over a curb. He just bought 4 revolver shackels to help out. I only have 1.5" RE add a leaves and a 2" body lift with 33's and I out flex the BDS kit. My advice would be to look at the RE 4.5" extreme kit and some revolvers. Don't buy BDS, your back and kidneys will thank you.

Hope this helps.

I've got over 10,000 miles on my 2" BDS lift and the ride is stiffer than stock, but better than pro-comp by a long shot. I've ridden in the 3.5" and it is a more harsh ride. As far a flex goes, it's not the greatest. Go to the link in my signature, the front page has a pic of my YJ taken Saturday on John Bull. If you want a softer ride with more flex than go with National Springs. I'll keep my little BDS lift.

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I have the 4" BDS lift on my CJ7 installed first of November. I agree it is
a bone-shaker. I just started building my CJ although I've owned it four years.
I had a CJ5 pw (pre-wedding) that was bone stock.
I can't speak with the authority or experience that most of you all have, but
I don't recommend this kit unless you are still young and bulletproof.
Sorry I don't have a better answer!

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