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Check the linkage. Does the butterfly open and close easy? Mine bound up from corrosion. Worked at it with liquid wrench and carb cleaner. Good Luck.


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I've got the same problem. The butterfly is wide open all the time. Jeep won't stay running at idle, especially when I start it first thing in the morning. On the bright side, once it's warmed up it runs better than ever going down the road. Best performance I've ever had from it.

Anybody got any other suggestions?

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BBD chokes,hmmm well...if it is electric,first test if elec 12volts is getting to it,if it is,make sure it is grounded,they ground thru the thin
metal on the sides of the black box to the holdon bolts to the carb.If you have 12 vt and good ground,does the center of the box heat up
? it has a electric heating coil in it and you can feel it get hot if the coil is good.(Ignition ON)All that said,is it adjusted properly? I always set a BBD
choke to just close when cold and no added pressure.Has it ever been off? maybe if it was someone didnt relocate the little finger inside
properly to catch the mating finger on the carb.test by loosening it up and turn it each direction while holding throttle open and see if the
choke plate (butterfly) follows its movement both directions.Non sticking linkage? give it a good look see. Choke pull off working and adjusted?
compress pull off diaphram or put vac on it,choke plate should open 1/8 inch or so.In my experience with BBD's tinker tinker tinker,
adjust,readjust,and readjust some more,somewhere there is a happy medium where if all parts are good,it will work, "ok"

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