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Banshee rolled 32 times

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Hey guys, I was doing some hill climbing, and stalled the banshee, and the hill was so steep it immediatly started to come up and over and I bailed off falling about 10 feet and here come the banshee right on top of me and I grabed the rear axle, oh no!!!! I couldnt hold on and had to let it go as, I sat at the top of the hill and my buddies at the bottom, we counted 32 rolls and each time it hit the ground it got faster and faster and hitting the ground harder and harder, well now I need some parts, a lot of parts, can anyone give me some in put on A arms upper and lower

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I have a flawless set of stock upper and lower arms off a 93 Banshee(good for 91-00). Havent really thought of a price. im in Southern CA. Where are you?

may be a good time to buy some longer arms, but then again, you ride in the woods, so that wouldnt be a great idea.


I would contact K&K atv out of mass....... he has all kinds of new/used/aftermarket parts for the banshee. I would also take the banshee completly apart and get a good look at the frame.... I would be willing to bet that the rear subframe is tweaked and possibly the front also.
good luck


88 banshee
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95 Ram 4x4SLT
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cleartoy, I am in Nashville TN if you can come up with a $$$ amount we might do buisness, but I am looking for input and advice on some better A arms, Roll Design, laeger and others.


Didnt realize you were so far away. I was hoping for a local transaction for the arms.

As for the arms.....i run 2" wider and 1" forward, with adjustable ball joints.
They are made out of 4130Chromoly.


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