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Hello,'s coverage for the 2001 SCORE, Tecate Baja 500 is as follows.

* The present URL for the intro page is at
* Thursday, May 31st (Evening) Images and storyline from our Pre-run of the race course.
* Friday, June 1st (Evening) Images and storyline from Contingency Row.
* Saturday, June 2nd (@ 1330hrs Pacific) First realtime race results and commentary.
* Friday, June 8th - Publication of the media gallery (video and stills).

Please stop by.

Patrick J. Chicas

Rubicon Media Group, Inc. -

For anybody that's interested, there's been a significant course change from the east end of Guadelupe wash to the schoolhouse/windmill both ways, and it is not reflected in the course notes or the maps available on the net. The course now runs up into the mountains similar to the course used a couple of years ago and does not go through the wheat fields or by the gold mine.

Have a ball, george.

BYT, Pat, did you get a chance to measure the rear traction bar on Great White yet?

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