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anyone know when the baja 1000 video game is comeing out ?? heres there press release off there web site should be ""COOL" as hell huh ???

Novato, Calif. May 1, 1998 - Strap yourself in and hold on for dear life in the challenging off-road racing game, Baja 1000™ Racing, announced today from Red Orb Entertainment™, a division of Brøderbund Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: BROD). The next-generation 3D driving game for PC, under development by Trilobyte, Inc., pits man and machine against one of the most brutal courses on earth and features fast-action gameplay coupled with the physics and attention to detail of a simulation. In Baja 1000™ Racing, you attempt not to just win the race, but to survive it.

"Players will feel the rush of the competition as they not only compete against other drivers, but attempt to conquer what is arguably the world's most extreme race," said Ken Goldstein, Brøderbund's vice president of entertainment and general manager of Red Orb Entertainment. "They'll face the unknowns of a thousand mile course, experience the freedom of the open 'go anywhere' environment, and the challenge of surviving the fury of the Baja 1000."

Red Orb Entertainment has signed an exclusive license for the Baja 1000 through SCORE International, the organization which produces and sanctions the Laughlin SCORE Desert Series. The Series' flagship event is the SCORE Tecate Baja 1000. The license includes the rights to reproduce the actual Baja 1000 course.

"The Baja 1000 is no Sunday drive in the desert," said Sal Fish, CEO and president of SCORE International. "We will be working closely with Red Orb Entertainment to ensure that Baja 1000 Racing captures the actual bone-jarring experience of the real race."

In Baja 1000 Racing, drivers feel the power of huge engines, finely tuned controls, and the precision of prototype suspensions via an incredibly realistic driving model which allows six degrees of freedom and 4-wheel independent physics. The action is displayed via a state of the art 3D engine delivering stunning, high polygon count graphics at a high, sustainable framerate.

Competitors conquer a wide variety of terrain and weather conditions, including mud, dirt, sand, and snow, as they traverse a course modeled on the 1998 race covering the entire length of the Baja California, Mexico peninsula. Players choose from a selection of Class 1 open wheel buggies or super high performance Trophy Trucks, and race up to fifteen computer controlled racers or fifteen human opponents via the Internet.

Baja 1000 Racing will first be shown publicly at Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Atlanta on May 28-30. The Red Orb Entertainment booth number is 3830, Main Floor, West Hall. The game is expected to ship in Winter 1998. More information on Baja 1000 Racing can be found at its exclusive Web site at

SCORE International, which produces and sanctions the Laughlin SCORE Desert Series, began in 1972 when it was founded by the late motor sports legend Mickey Thompson. Under Fish's leadership, SCORE continues today as the leading sanctioning body in the sport of off-road desert racing. SCORE, with over 2,000 active members, holds its races on government-approved, environmentally-safe courses on desert lands in Southern Nevada, Southern California, and Baja California, Mexico. The SCORE Web site is located at

Baja 1000 Racing is being developed by Medford, Oregon-based Trilobyte, Inc., a leading producer of interactive entertainment products. Trilobyte is also developing Extreme Warfare™, a fully 3D action game specifically designed for explosive combat on an epic scale. This game will also be published by Red Orb Entertainment. The company was founded in 1991 with a mission to broaden the interactive entertainment software market by developing products which take advantage of cutting-edge technology to enable new forms of immersive gameplay. Trilobyte's debut release, The 7th Guest™, ranks as one of the most successful CD-ROM games in the history of the industry, with more than 1.5 million copies sold worldwide. The Trilobyte Web site is located at

Red Orb Entertainment is a division of Brøderbund Software, Inc. dedicated exclusively to the development of imaginative, high-quality entertainment software for a broad range of game enthusiasts. In addition to developing entertainment software within the Red Orb Entertainment studio, Red Orb Entertainment publishes entertainment software from several of the industry's leading entertainment software development companies. The Red Orb Entertainment Web site is located at


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I found this while surfing for info on the new game~

Red Orb Titles Confirmed

Persia a Keeper, but two Trilobyte games likely to be dropped.

September 14, 1998

While Mindscape and The Learning Company are officially "evaluating" the game assets acquired in the Broderbund deal, sources close to the company indicate that only Riven/Myst, Prince of Persia 3D, and the Warlords series will make the cut.
Keeping Riven and Myst is a no-brainer, as the two continue to generate plenty of revenue, and a Myst III is likely to be another hit. Likewise the Warlords series of fantasy wargames is a smooth fit in SSI's portfolio of strategy and wargaming titles. And Prince of Persia 3D is a strong brand with a new 3D engine that has already garnered positive preview coverage.

It is expected that a number of game development people from Red Orb will be moving into Mindscape's offices as well. Both companies were headquartered in Novato, CA.

But not all of Red Orb's games are likely to be moved over to Mindscape, The Learning Company's game division.

Extreme Warfare, an online action game, will most likely be terminated or sold off, contrary to earlier published reports, according to our source. The same goes for Baja 1000 Racing, an off-road arcade racing game. Both titles were being developed by Medford, Oregon-based Trilobyte.

As we reported last week, some 500 workers at Broderbund were laid off recently with The Learning Company's reorganization of the company.

--IGN Staff


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Hey, there's always the possibility that someone will buy out the rights to that game, and they'll publish it. If Sierra can do it for SODA, maybe they'll consider a 1K game!

- J.R. -
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