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Backup Lights

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When im doing all the mods to the rear of my zuk, (i just finished putting in my new tail/brake/turn lights on the tail gate) i want to put in some really bright backup lights. I picked up these badass tractor 'lamps' (looks a lot like an off-road light but in a rubber casing), and i want to mount them on the ends of my bumper.. I tried them out first using the battery as a power source then the little stock backup light wires. I didnt notice much difference in the brightness, and using the little stock wires, i held it there for about 30 seconds, they didnt get warm at all.. So does this mean i dont have to Use a relay? I really want to get these mounted

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Ok. I installed the lights on my rear bumper with these brackets i made, but i made them too short, the pin i use to hold my swing away tyre carrier to the bumper hits the light, so i had to tilt it up.. oh well, make a new one on tues. the other side is ok.
When i turn them on, wow its bright (very very bright).. Ill wire it on a relay later anyway...

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