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Backspacing for TJ's

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Backspacing for TJ\'s

I am looking for info on what back spacing will work with 33x12.50 tires for either 8" or 10" rims on a TJ. I have heard that 4.5" backspacing will definetly work but I would like to know if anyone has tried 5" backspacing on 10" rims. I would like to get as much backspacing as I can without rubbing on the control arms. Any info would be appreciated.
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Re: Backspacing for TJ\'s

At full lock, 4.5" will clear barely and might bump under heavy compression. If you will be doing some serious off-roading or running with low air pressure, go with the 15x8's. They will be lighter and less likely to get beat up on the trail. Depending on which tire you run, with a 10" wide rim, the rim will be wider than the tread section - most tires are rated at the center section (the bulge between the tread and bead) not the tread width.

Re: Backspacing for TJ\'s

No more than 4.5" of back space and an 8" tire is better on the trail than a 10" with 12.5's. Not bad on the hwy either.

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