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Back on the board after a long hiatus.

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I was fairly regular here a few years back, but had to sell my 88 1/2 Samurai when I moved back to the states from Italy in 2009 (I bought an Italian mini and the military would only pay to ship one vehicle back). Today, I bought an 88 Samurai and will have to spend some time getting to know the little bugger. It has a little lift, a Weber and heavy duty bumpers. Don't mind me if I ask questions about crap I should have remembered.

I look at the upper right hand of the screen and my last logon was 03-10-2008.

Please pardon if I ask noob questions.

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welcome back, but as have probably noticed, this board seems pretty much dead.

lots of activity and old members from here over at

this is the first time in 2 years almost to the day since i logged in here.
BiLLy bOb
Thanks, Billy Bob. I will head over there and check out the action.
Back from the dead as find it dead.

So how are things?

I haven't been on here in awhile but figured I'd stop back by to see how the site is progressing and catch up with some old friends. I didn't realize it'd been so long until I saw this:

You last visited: 11-23-2008 at 05:18 AM


Anyway, I'm remarried to a great woman, enjoying life here in the frozen north. I do have my '71 Commando SC-1 and it's still in the barn, but even that is going up for sale since we may be moving to NC in a few years and I just don't have the time to restore it.

I sold the Scrambler to some folks in NH a few years ago and they are going to restore/fix it, and I just sold the Slamurai a few months ago since it's just been sitting for years and the rust was starting to have an effect.

I now drive and repair VW TDI's (diesels) in my spare time and we have three of them, with 209,000 miles, 329,000 miles and 441,000 miles on them. Great vehicles and the engines would make for a nice CJ swap.

I also do a lot of bicycling and have 6 bikes: two fixed gears I built from scratch and ride long distances, two road bikes (including a very rare and very early titanium Merlin), a full suspension mountain bike, and a new Snowbike that I don't want to stop riding. Between that, my hiking pursuits, work, and home, there isn't a lot of time for much else.

I still live in midcoast Maine and got remarried just under two years ago, moving 10 miles to her house, inheriting her 3 (grown) daughters.

Anyway, how's life been here on the short side?

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Well, I'm gonna do my best to resurrect this BB...or not....

I'm pledging to get on the BB at least 4x/week!!

Who's with me??

Reason!? This is/was the best honest and true info board on Zuk's I've ever been part of...Ya, Pirate's OK, IF you like attitude...

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