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5/2/2010 Another day in the AZ desert.
Lower Sycamore

Paul's rail secret diet is exposed. Bud is a mild version of NOS.

The view from the top of Fireman's hill looking south. This is the top of the hill where mark and I went upside down. Hopefully one of the others has video of us going down it.

Sugar Loaf Mountain view from Fireman's Hill.

As soon as I find the video shot from the top of Doyle's rail i'll post it.

Kennys rail 1915 FI turbocharged

Doyle's rail/tow rail hauling Kenny off of Boulder Mountain.Official

A stop to repair the broken tie rod.

Videos off course the camera batteries expired in the middle of the Rocker Panel Pass.The Az Rock Stars came through while we were at Rocker Panel Pass.

Once the others post up thier pictures and vids, I'll add links to them.
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