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Arizona OHV users- Your help is needed!!!

A Massive Cleanup WILL Take Place at Lower Sycamore Creek On Saturday
April 2,2005 At 8:00 AM M.S.T.

Tonto National Forest,Arizona Game and Fish,Friends of the Sycamore
And As A MAJOR Commitment to the Community And Future Generations
Volunteers from the following Groups and Clubs of:ATV-OHV Off Road,
Archery,Campers,Equestrian,Hikers,Shooters will be present..Also an
Invitation to ALL groups and People who have and still enjoy the
Sycamore area.


Marty Fabritz 602-359-1502
E-Mail: [email protected]

Arizona Game & Fish will be providing trash bags. All we have to do is bag it up and leave it at the side of the road. The Forest Service will have a garbage truck coming through to pick up the bags we have left.

Bring water and gloves. Shovels and/or picks, along with tow straps, may come in handy if you have a place to pack them.
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